The Dragon's Hearth Archipelago is a set of 5 small ash islands belonging to Jitash, which contain vast troves of diamond and other gems deep within the waters of their pentagonal layout.

The Legend of Egeis Edit

Egeis the Diamond Heart is a mythical dragon who was said to belong to the rulers of Jitash around a thousand years ago. The dragon was a great protector; a champion of mankind, but he was not immortal, and some day, the people of the kingdom he loved and protected would have to learn to cope without his aid. So Egeis, not wanting to upset the monarch and his people, flew to his own birthplace: The Maw, where he lived out the majority of his remaining days in solitude. Until, one fateful day when a fire began to rage in Pyrean Port, and the people begged for his return. So, as a final act of goodwill, Egeis flew to what was to become Dragon's Hearth, and with his wings conjured a massive wave to quench the blaze. Then Egeis fell, deep beneath the water, and over time the fire in his lungs became the islands and the diamond in his heart lay forever beneath the water, ready for the people to retrieve it at any time.